janya (janya) wrote in snowsports,

Chrismas skiing in Colorado

Going to Colorado for the first time.

How do I choose the resort?
So far looking at Breckenridge and Keystone, and Vail. How do those compare?
Will there be snow in December?

Where do I go for discounted tickets and/or reasonable lodging? We will be renting a car, but how are usually road conditions in December?

thanks for any suggestions
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I've only been to Vail, and I kinda thought it was over-rated. The prices were too high and the lines too damn long :/ Plus, if it snows, it can be a pain getting there; I think it's about 2 hours from Denver, and the interstate does close sometimes.

There will *probably* be snow, but it can be iffy -- when in Dec? If you're say, flying into Denver, then I'd wait til a week or so out, and decide which resort then.

There *might* be reasonable lodging in Vail, but you'd prolly have to stay outside of Vail Village, and catch a bus in each time. That'll be a whole lot cheaper than the ski-in, ski-out places.

Sorry I'm not a whole lot of help!
Steamboat is farther north and has reliable snow--champaigne powder--plus a great town. Lots of great tree skiing.

Vail is a huge mountain, but I never found it very challenging. I like steeps. I haven't skiied Breckenridge or Keystone.

Have fun!
I have a friend that lives in Boulder (baout 1/2 hour from Denver) and she is like 20 min from Eldora. It's a "small" mountain (that's what my friends from Colorado say who have been to both Vail and Breckenridge) but I've only been to this one...3X. I like it...ALOT (I'm looking forward to this season)...it has a good variety of slopes...from steep treks to nice intermediate (that's me) trails that are really WIDE! Which I enjoy...

I'm sure you can find affordable lodging nearby...

here's the mountain info: http://www.eldora.com/

I've only been there in Feb and March...so I'm not sure how it will be in Dec. Regardless, I hope you have a blast...and let us know what you decided.

I loved both Breckenridge and Keystone. I think Vail is a lot of hype -- go there if you want to "be seen". There is a great beer brew house in Breckenridge for apres ski also. Right now, I'm longing for a ski lodge where they take dollars not euro, and speak English! I've got probably two more ski seasons in Europe, so I'd better enjoy them!
We skied Breckenridge last year. Loved it. Big mountain, lots of intermediate and expert slopes, good restaurants and things to do after you're off the mountain. Of course, there is snow in December, in fact, we're flying to Vail/Keystone for Thanksgiving. Road conditions vary-you need to give yourself plenty of time if it snows, which can be pretty much anytime.

let me know how you liked it!

We succumbed to high holiday prices and decided on Lake Tahoe for Chrismas. Colorado is planned for later in the season.
I live in Denver. I'm skiing in Breckenridge for the first time on Christmas. I've been to Winter Park many times, I love it there. I always recommend Winter Park and Mary Jane. Loveland Ski Area is great, it's not as pricey as places like Aspen and Vail. It's pretty small, which I like. Not as crowded. But yes be prepared for snow. Usually every time there is a big storm up in the mountains, parts of I-70 close for a little while.