narjan (narjan) wrote in snowsports,

Skiing with phone's pda's etc

Hi everyone :)

Long time since I posted here, but the season isn't that far away.

Anyway, I've bought a phone/pda this summer. Now with the joy of the new toy came the concern of taking it with me to the slopes. I can of course take to the old family chest and find some old hard core siemens or alcatel but still I wanted to ask, although I know it might sound stupid.

Do any of you guys go skiing or snowboarding with such fragile items? If so how do you carry them?

My old phone was a SE t610, quite robust by itself, and my ski suit has a small pocket located somewhere around the back of the thigh. I don't know how reasonable that is, but I carried my phone in there and everything was ok. Now with the pda it's different, first it's bigger and second it's way more fragile.

I was wondering also, possibly there are some cases for that kind of stuff around ?
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