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Clean snowboots

Hey everyone!!
Does anyone know how to clean snowboard boots on the inside? I have 32's Lashed and one, only one of them is stinky because it stayed wet too long...HELP i hate smelly shoes!!!!

i am in the alpes, season is not the best but here's a pic of me enjoying it...

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I'm a skier, personally...and I'm not sure exactly how snowboard boots work, but on ski boots you can yank the liner out of the shell and wash it. Is that a possiblity? Otherwise, a company called Sof-Sole makes a peppermint shoe spray that works extremely well. I suppose you could use some product like Febreeze or something. Although, I'm not sure how readily available these products are in the alps. Otherwise, my only other suggestion would be to submerge the boots and actually "wash" them (using a lot of baking soda) - then let them air dry in a well-ventilated place. You obviously won't be able to board for a couple days while they dry - but it's better than bein' smelly! :) Good luck!
Most snowboard boots have removable inserts. You can wash these and then air dry em. I don't reccomend putting them in a dryer.

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another option I do with my vans snowboard boots is remove the foot pad sole from inside the boot get in a clean bedroom and spray the pads with oust or febreeze which kills 99.7 percent of germs then spray a large amount in the boot then allow them to air dry for half hour. If they are wet dry them first air dry then spray them completely. this will allow them to smell clean fresh and great. I also read an article that stuffing the boots with newspaper actually keeps your boot clean and fresh through summer season unless you have the cash to hit up the southern hemisphere and snowboard down south.


September 28 2010, 16:32:49 UTC 7 years ago

Take the liner out and wash it in the washing machine, then hang it in the bathroom on a towel warmer or heater to dry. Wipe the outer boot down with windex or pledge. When the liner is dry, pull it a few times in all directions to reduce stiffness. Then hit the snow again.
I read in a different post to put baking soda and coffee grounds (dry, haha) in a sock and stick it in the boot. That idea would be for us coffee drinkers, if you don't like the smell of coffee do something different.

I liked the freezing idea to kill microbes. How 'bout just putting you boots outside (under something of course) and when they freeze at night it will kill the stuff growing inside? Then just use a hair dryer or something to warm them up a bit before you use them the next day.